Our school fees are based on the funding that we receive from the Department of Education. We are informed about the funding for the following calendar year in October, when the government presents the budget for Norway for the forthcoming year. The Department of Education regulates the level of the school fees.

For the calendar year 2017 the school fees will be as follows;
grades 1 to 7: NOK 27 910
grade 8: NOK 30 235

We are changing the procedure for invoicing school fees. For the Autumn term you will receive 4 monthly invoices. Each of these invoices has a due date. For the Spring term there will be 5 monthly invoices. You are welcome to pay for the entire term by the due date on the first invoice.  Please use the KID number provided as it makes it more effective to track payments.

We have a discount for siblings which means that you will be invoiced 50% for the third and subsequent children.

Please inform the business manager if the invoice is to be sent to your employer.

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