Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be vaccinations administered at the school? 

There will be vaccinations administered by the school nurse (Helsesøster) in accordance with the vaccination program implemented in Norwegian schools. 

Who can my child speak to in confidence?
We like to believe that we have created a culture in the school where all teachers can be approached by students to discuss matters in confidence. It is important to note that teachers and school administrators do not have a confidentiality agreement in these cases and are required to notify all relevant parties of any matter brought to their attention. The school nurse also provides students with an opportunity to discuss personal matters in more confidentiality.

How are decisions affecting my child decided at school?
We have regular metings at the school to discuss a wide array of matters, including pastoral matters. We share experiences and base our decisions on observations by 2 or more colleagues. Parents will be contacted in most cases where a significant decision needs to be made. Any action taken by the school is done so to safeguard the interests of the individual child and that of other students also.

Who do I contact if I have a question or need to pass on information?
The first point of contact is the subject teacher or class teacher that your concern is about or question is for. Parents should avoid escalating matters with the administration or principal until the teacher or specific member has been presented with the opportunity to address the matter and provide feedback.

If it is general familial update or information that should be directed to administration, please contact us in the normal fashion.

Is there a school policy for birthday parties? 
It is difficult to administer a mandate for how parents conduct parties in their home after school. We will ask all parent representatives for each grade to discuss with the parents in the group to make an arrangement. 

The school recommends the following for birthday parties:

The school guidelines for birthday parties are:

Invite all students, or groups (all boys or all girls) in the classroom
The impact of exclusion should not be overlooked as it can be perceived as a subtle form of bullying and can consequently have a significant effect on school life.

Have an agreed spending margin
Not everyone has the same disposable income nor should one assume they do. A humble present is more appropriate especially when you factor in how many parties can take place in one year.

Be aware that transport and timing may be an issue
Not everyone has their own mode of transport. Please be aware of geographic location and factor in the possibility of car-pooling.

RSVP – répondez s'il vous plaît means respond please.

Please ensure your intent to participate is clearly communicated as much preparation (food and otherwise) is necessary.

Heggedal School and their temporary relocation in the school

Heggedal School will be located on the ground floor of the school building over the following 2 academic years. Currently there are some developments being made to the ground floor but that should cause a minimum disruption to our school life. 

The following are a list of questions from the parents regarding the move:

When are they coming? 
August 2014

How will you coordinate use of the outdoor space in breaks and after-school services? 
A meeting has been requested with the principal of Heggedal school to ensure smooth transitions and an agreeable plan 

What facilities will be shared?
We have exclusive use of our classrooms. The outside are will be used by Heggedal, as will the auditorium, but this should have a minimal effect. 

How will we deal with the noise generated?
We don't foresee this being a problem as we are located on the first floor and not the ground floor. It should provide minimal distraction to the students. 

How will drop-off and pick-up be handled?
Again we are waiting to have a meeting regarding the timetable but we hope there will be minimal disruption. More information will be shared when we have more concrete information.


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